3 Tips For Getting Members Back In The Gym

Now that we are slowly getting back to our normal routines after the COVID-19 lockdown measures have been lifted, a lot of us are realising just how out of shape we have become. Whether we have lost some muscle mass, gained some extra weight, or just reduced our endurance levels a bit, the inactivity of the 4 months or so of lockdown is really showing its effects. Still, people are reluctant to go back to the gym just yet as infection fears are still a concern.

Even though getting in shape and staying healthy is one of the best ways to strengthen your immune system and fight off the effects of most viruses, people are still avoiding the gym. For gym owners, this is a major concern which can lead to lost members, sales, and profits, even the closure of your gym. To avoid this, you need to find new ways to get your members back in the gym and working out again. But how?

Fitness Centre Marketing Programme

With the help of a fitness centre marketing programme designed by one of the industry’s leading fitness centre marketing firms, your gym or fitness club will be busy again.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some ways that you can get more members back in the gym:

Outdoor Workouts- people want to go to the gym, they are just concerned about virus infection, especially if they are indoors with a lot of other people. Instead of offering your traditional indoor fitness classes, hold your classes outdoors. You will find that more people will sign up for your outdoor classes and your gym will begin to regain its customer base again.

Focus On Sanitation- we can’t say this enough. Not only is sanitising your gym important for the health of your employees and members, seeing how clean your gym is and that you focus on that aspect can give members peace of mind and it can bring them back into the gym again.

Offer Discounts- the COVID-19 crisis has hit many people financially as it crippled world economies. People are looking for ways to save money and cutting out those ‘luxury’ expenses. Show them that they can afford to go to your gym by offering monthly deals and reduced membership prices.

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