If you’re in the fitness industry …

… we can help...
with 20 new members in the door...
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get more members

Whether you have a gym, a wellness studio, you're a personal trainer or a sports coach your business needs customers. They might be members, clients or customers - but they’re the lifeblood that keeps your business buzzing.

If you could get more people through your door (even if it’s a virtual one), that’s a fantastic first step. But it’s often the toughest one to take. You’re a professional, running a professional business - but your specialism probably isn’t sales or technology!

Now you don’t have to work hard to bring in customers … find out how to get more business NOW!

STOP Paying a Ton of Money For Tools, Softwares & "Plugins"...
STOP Wasting Time Trying To Get Things to Work...
STOP Getting Stressed Out By Tech Headaches...

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Coaches and Sports Therapists

Clients for PTs,

Coaches and

Sports Therapists

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Customers for Health

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Sports brands

Get your phone ringing with new clients


If you could start the day with appointments booked with new clients interested in your services, how much easier would life be? You could focus on delivering what you do best and talk to people who are already interested in paying for your services.

How does it work?

  • Book a call to have a chat about your goals
  • See if we're a good fit (we don't work with people we can't help
  • We handle ALL the technology so you don't have with your own App and online portal
  • Generate new leads for you on autopilot using our unique system
  • See them booked into your calendar and make sure they turn up
  • You sign them up! Well even help you with sales

It keeps your marketing funnel full of people who have already identified they’re interested.

Want to know more? Just book a one to one.

Don’t Just take our word for it…

We’re good at what we do - but that’s training people not marketing and IT. Working with FitClub Agency has been a revelation - we’re getting new clients every day, without having to do all the tedious chasing after people. I can’t recommend them enough.


Sam Blake - SportFN

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