11 Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas to Employ during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the world in a matter of a few months. With the rising number of cases, the quarantine, isolation, and even nationwide lockdowns becoming the order of the day in the UK, gyms and other fitness centers have had to close their doors to customers. It has become difficult (yet necessary) for people to take care of their physical fitness.  

While most gyms and fitness clubs are shutting shop and turning customers away, the ongoing crisis is the right time for personal trainers, both new and established, to use their skills to motivate people to stay fit even as they’re stuck indoors.

As a business, personal training can be hard to market, especially since a huge part of it revolves around being in the gym. So coming up with effective personal training marketing strategies can be daunting.    

Fortunately, we live in the age of internet and technology. With the help of this potent combination, you can ensure flawless communication with your customer and prospects, store their information systematically, and decipher what most of them respond to. Armed with this valuable information, you can tweak your personal trainer marketing tactics as required.

If you’re looking for some great personal trainer marketing ideas to promote your business, find new leads, retain your customers, and possibly turn them into loyalists, you’ve come to the right place. Read on.

Establish Authority by Writing for Industry-Specific Blogs

A great way to establish (and improve) your expertise in the physical fitness arena is by writing insightful articles/posts for reputed and high-authority websites and blogs in your niche. So begin by making a list of all the leading health and fitness websites. Pitch them your idea for an article to post on their blog. When you get a go-ahead, create a compelling piece that provides solutions to the common problems faced by fitness enthusiasts.  

When readers of the blog go through your article and resonate with it, they will begin to perceive you as a knowledgeable fitness authority and convert into paying clients.

Offer Free Online Trial Sessions

One of the best ways to get people interested in your personal training services is by offering free online trial group sessions. This is a great way to set your business in motion, and will also help you convert prospects who are still undecided on enrolling with you. 

Allow people to register for your free sessions online by providing their name and contact details, including email ID. Once you have this information, follow up with them with other personal training advertising tactics (mentioned ahead) to get their attention, engage them, and boost conversions. 

Create a Facebook Business Page

People all over the world use Facebook to stay connected to friends and family, as well as to look for workout videos and inspiration. Plenty of fitness professionals/influencers out there are publishing content on indoor workout and exercise regimens.  It is a good idea for you to think like an influencer to tap this audience. 

So how would influencer marketing in UK work out for a personal trainer using Facebook?

A dedicated business page on Facebook can be set up to share informative posts with your clients. This will establish your expertise in the fitness niche and earn you their trust. Make sure to create your own unique and valuable content, and use it to engage and interact with your clients and followers, thereby enhancing the visibility of your services. 

You can also use this platform to set up a virtual office for providing consultation, publish virtual workout videos, and communicate with your clients remotely. An updated Facebook business page will make it easy for you to outreach to clients and reassure your followers that you’re there for them in this period of uncertainty. In this regard, you will do well to share encouraging and motivational quotes, fitness tips, nutrition advice, and so on. 

Create a content calendar and consistently publish engaging, inspiring, and educational posts to your Facebook page. This will help you stay top-of-mind. When prospects are ready to start working with a personal trainer, you will be the first person on their wish list.

Leverage the Power of Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is the go-to tool for many marketers and there is no reason why your personal trainer advertising campaign should miss out on it. If your marketing budget permits you to go with this tool, you can target the precise demographic you’re looking to work with and promote your offerings to them.  

This can also prove to be a winning way to improve awareness of your services while exposing your offer to the maximum number of people possible.

Harness Wearables to Make a Point

Consider using technology to be there for your clients whenever they need your services. We’re talking about wearables! These tech wonders can enable you to continue to share your personal training skills while motivating and inspiring your clients. 

A great way to motivate and train your clients without being physically present around them is through wearable devices that track activity. You can simply recommend select exercise routines and ask them to perform a certain number of sets at home. When they’re done, you can go over the data and evaluate the results yourself. 

Setting measurable goals with fitness-tracking aids is a great way to keep your clients driven and upbeat in the times of social distancing.

Ask your prospects to give a smartwatch or another new technology a try to get them interested in training with you. You could also create an exercise plan that works with a smartwatch they use. This will give them a solid reason to workout with you for the long term.

Create On-Demand Video Content

Research has confirmed that 65% people are visual learners. Personal training is a visual business, which is why video can strengthen your content while presenting it the way viewers prefer to consume it.

Video is a highly effective marketing tool for personal trainers as people want to see exercise routines demonstrated, workout gear worn, and gym equipment used. Let’s face it, workout instructions are almost never entirely understood when explained only in text. With step-by-step videos, you can instruct and explain routines by showing them, making the training process more effective and meaningful. 

Consider offering on-demand pre-recorded workout videos that your clients can watch as per their convenience. This will earn you their appreciation for valuing their time, getting you positive word-of-mouth and genuine references.

Build an Email List and Put It to Good Use

An email list can prove to be the preferred client acquisition tool as far as personal trainer marketing is concerned. The first step here is to build an email list. 

To do so successfully, you will have to create a free offering, which can be given to people online in exchange for their email address. The free offering need not be something elaborate. It can be a simple list of the dos and don’ts of exercise or even a short eBook on creating an effective workout plan. 

Add a CTA to your email, clicking on which will direct people to another page where they can subscribe to your email list to receive the freebie.

You will need to be consistent in sending out emails if you want to stay top-of-mind with your prospects. Make an email schedule and stick to it. Once your subscribers get used to the frequency of your emails, they will look forward to receiving more valuable content from you. 

Refrain from sending out promotional emails every time. For best results, consider formulating an email marketing strategy that provides value and establishes a meaningful connection with your audience. 

Add Testimonials to Your Website

When people hear about your services, their curiosity will drive them to get more information about how you do what you do. More often than not, they will use the internet to look for reviews from your past clients. Ensure that they find ample numbers of good reviews and positive feedback. Ask for a written or video review from all your clients and post their comments on your website. 

Client testimonials will have a favourable impact on your business as prospects who visit your website will see that others have had a good experience with you. This will make them keen to avail your services.

Ask for Client Referrals the Right Way

It is important to realise that simply asking your clients to refer your services to their family and friends will likely not work as they may be busy. To get their attention, you need to create a referral strategy that benefits not just you, but also them. 

You can make this work by offering a free session or a discount or even a valuable article in exchange for the referral. Giving them an eBook (that you normally charge for) for free would work well as an incentive. Alternatively, offer them a workout plan or a diet chart they can follow for the referral they provide. This way, they can continue to work towards their fitness goals even when you are not available.

Get Featured in Every Personal Training Directory

A simple Google search will reveal a great number of digital personal training directory listings that can make you more prominent and allow your services to be visible to more genuinely interested people. 

Keep in mind that not all online directories may accept your listing initially. Be patient and work a little harder to build your online presence. Find the ones that will accept your listing and sign up with all of them. Remember, the greater your presence is, the higher are the chances that you will get accepted by most directories and get discovered by prospects.

Tie up with Other Health Businesses

You can leverage various different local health businesses to market your personal training services. You may work with a yoga studio, coffee shop, or a nutritional supplement store, for instance, and strike a mutually-beneficial partnership. In this tie-up, you can recommend their products and/or services while they return the favour in the same way. Or you can give them a commission for every referral they send your way. Either way, you stand to gain more clients who are genuinely looking for the services of a personal trainer. 


Whether you’re a seasoned personal fitness trainer or are just starting out in this arena, it is always prudent to employ effective personal trainer marketing strategies to take your business to the next level. The need for personalised attention and workouts is gaining prominence even as the world grapples to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, physical fitness has become a priority for even more people in the current circumstances. The competition is intense and continues to grow. Even if you offer unmatched training services, standing out in the crowd can be near impossible without employing powerful personal trainer marketing strategies. The above tips will come in handy when you want to implement some effective ideas to get more leads and convert them into clients and also to continue doing business with your existing customers. 

To know more about how you can increase leads and conversions while retaining your loyal customers, feel free to visit our website or give us a call to find out how we can help you.  

We will help you keep clients coming in! 

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