5 Marketing Tips For Fitness Centres And Gyms

It’s a challenge to stay competitive in the fitness industry. After a few sessions, many customers may drop off and switch to a different gym to look for better deals. It’s normal to lose a few clients, however, gym owners can successfully encourage them to return. Keeping that in mind, we are going to take a look at some effective marketing tips that can help fitness centres and gyms attract new customers and keep them coming back. Let’s get started:

5 Marketing Tips For Fitness Centres And Gyms

Maintain Consistent Presence On Social Media- social media is perfect to inform fitness enthusiasts in the area about new deals and promotions. Use hashtags properly for maximum impact and reach. #HotSummerDeals is a powerful hashtag that could keep people interested.

Advertise New Workout Programs- fitness centres and gyms should always offer something new and fresh. Fitness enthusiasts are often interested in new workout trends that they have discovered on TV or social media. It’s a good opportunity to invest in new equipment and instructors while the trend is starting to emerge.

Partner Up With Local Businesses- local businesses could help provide interesting benefits for new members. Give them vouchers for shoes or other new fitness gear at the local sports stores if new members fully attend a one-month class in your gym. Dining coupons at local vegetarian restaurants are also appealing for members who are looking to eat healthier.

Post Instructional Videos- YouTube is already the second most visited platform after Google Search. It is easier to show people more complex workout routines through videos. A good video should be less than 5-minutes long and offer direct, clear instructions. Don’t forget to add a location tag, so your videos are directed more for local customers in the area.

Hire Qualified Trainers- it’s an essential part of marketing strategy. If your trainers are friendly, patient, friendly and knowledgeable, new clients will feel more comfortable. There’s no use having physically fit trainers if they are not customer service oriented. In fact, trainers should be treated as front-line marketing staffs who work their best to keep clients satisfied with top-notch fitness services.

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